Kolay uygulanabilme özelliğiyle uygulama sırasında avantaj yaratan Airfoam,nokta bazlı şok darbelere,titreşime,suya ve tozlanmaya karşı koruma sağlar.

Picture of Airfoam
Picture of Airfoam
  • Fields of Application
    • Packaqing of furniture
    • Packaging of steel and other metal apparatus
    • Protection of chrome and painted surfaces
    • Packaging of elegant goods with high vulnerability
    • Packaging of glass equipment
    • Packaginq of ornaments and gifts
    • House moving.
  • Product Range
    • 2mm, 3mm, 5mm polyethylene foam sheet laminated.
  • Benefits
    • Airfoam offers an advantage during application due to its ease of use and provides protection against point based impacts. vibration. water and dust.