Airpack,korunması ve taşınması güç,hassas ürünlerin ambalajlanmasında en iyi sonucu garanti eder. İstenilen ölçülerde plaka kesimi yapılabilir. Farklı ebatlarda torba olarak da üretilebilinir.

Picture of Airpack
Picture of Airpack
  • Product Range
  • Double sided film laminate,
  • Film and foil faminated
  • Double and triple layered air bubble,
  • Cutting and slicinq of desired dimensions, /li>
  • Manufacturing of bubbled bags with desired dimensions,
  • Adjustable densities in the range of 80 gr/m² - 170 gr/m²
  • Fields of Application
    • Packaging of furniture
    • Packaging of electrical & electronic devices
    • Packaging of radiator panels
    • Packaginq of glass materials
    • Packaging of ornaments and gifts
    • Protection of chrome and painted surfaces
    • Industrial/packaging of ceramic, porcelain and marble pieces
    • Logistics sector.


  • Benefits
    • Packaged goods are protected against; shocks and impacts, collisions, compressive and frictional outside effects, weatherinq and dust.