Being an environment-friendly and recyclable material, Polyberk is used in heat and sound insulation due to its closed-cell structure. Ensuring easiness to use with its lightweight and flexible structure, Polyberk is a long-life, odourless, HCFC-free heat and sound insulation sheet, highly resistant to water and moisture.

  • Technical Specifications
  • Density
    25-32 kg/m3
  • Factor of Thermal Conductivity
    0.040 W / (mK)
  • Water Vapor Permeability
    5000 m £
  • Soaking Water Absorption
    % 0.4
  • Noise Attenuation
    19-23 dB
  • Tensile Strength (L)
    0.40 N / mm 2
  • Tensile Strength (W)
    0.20 N / mm 2
  • Tensile Strain (L)
  • Tensile Strain (W)
  • Service Temperature
    -40oC +100oC
  • Technological Advantages
  • Provides the most efficient heat and sound insulation according to the technical requirements of building.
  • Resistant to construction chemicals,
  • Easily thermoformable in a wide range of temperature.
  • Easy and quick to install due to its high flexibility and lightweight,
  • Environment-friendly and HCFC-free.
  • Diverse Production Capacity
    • Producible in any density in the range of 2-15 mm - 25-35 kg/m3
    • Production of boards with a thickness up to 80 mm apart from standard thickness
    • Production with single-face&double-face foil, film, tape lamination, optional.
    • Production with fire performance enhancer additive, optionally.